What's A Five Fold Ministry

The five fold ministry is a biblical establishment by jesus christ. He himself appointed and gave men to us] some to be apostles (special messengers.

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The fivefold ministry is a term referring to the five ministry roles of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher found in the book of ephesians.

What's a five fold ministry. He reveals christ and the heart of christ for the church. 309,542 people already have discovered theirs. In other circles, a fivefold ministry describes five specific roles in a church that was common until the death of the last apostle john about 96 a.d.

What is the five fold ministry? In the book of ephesians, the fourth chapter, beginning with verse 11, (amplified bible) it says, “and his gifts (meaning the gifts of jesus) were [varied; There are many pastors, teachers and evangelists, a few prophets, but very few apostles.

In other words, every christian who receives the apostolic message knows from the moment he is converted that 12 (1) perfecting of the saints, for the (2) work of the ministry, for the (3) edifying of the body of. Take the five fold ministry test now to discover your kingdom strengths.

The foundation of this concern is based on a passage in the book of ephesians where the apostle paul discusses, what seems to some, as five. The bible says in ephesians 4:11 “it’s he who gave some as apostles others as prophets, others as evangelists still others as pastors and teachers”. The apostle lays the foundation;

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It’s the biblical blueprint we are given to equip people and grow the kingdom. Five fold ministry these five rods binding board to board in the tabernacle definitely represent the five human agents god has ordained on earth to keep the saints straight and together. What is the 5 fold ministry?

(1) apostles, (2) prophets, (3) evangelists, (4) pastors (shepherds), and (5) teachers. When i first attended church as a child, i based my whole experience of christianity on a small number of stories, told by well meaning 'sunday school' teachers. And some, pastors and teachers;

As a consequence, i knew the story of jonah and that big fish, samson and the lack of hair and a little man who Each person is given a gift, a role, and a part of the body to continue the work of christ. Some would even call it a form of church government.

One reason behind this is that apostles do not fit into denominational hierarchy. It is the help form and grow the church. In some circles that are predominately charismatic in practice, a fivefold ministry is used to describe a church of today that has five specific roles amongst the congregation.

Every one of us has been called to build up the body of christ. The fivefold ministry is a term referring to the five ministry roles of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher found in the book of ephesians. A short bible study of 5 sessions.

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